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Mundial Chef’s or Cook’s Knife 5610-8

Full Tang 8 Inch Blade w/ Antibacterial Handle

Posted by JT Hats

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Mundial Chef's or Cook's Knife 5610-8  Whether you cook professionally or at home, you should find the Mundial 8-inch Cook's Knife to be plenty of knife for nearly every ordinary prep job. Save larger knives for the bigger jobs, and save your hands with this one. If you do much prep work, you'll definitely notice the difference.

Mundial makes the 8-inch Cook's Knife to meet the same standards as the company's larger 10-inch model. The cold rolled high carbon stainless steel of the stamped blade has been hardened to the same tough temper -- designed to hold an edge without chipping. The tough blade will flex under stress instead of breaking (like some more expensive but more fragile chef's knives). Sharpening the 8-inch knife at home is easily done with nothing more than a honing steel to reset the edge. When the edge does need reshaping, an ordinary whetstone does the job.

Mundial's handle grip of polypropylene includes a shaped front bolster and a dropped heel plus a tactile surface that doesn't slip even when wet. Each knife is individually balanced as the poly handles are molded over the knife's full tang, making this a very comfortable and safe knife to use if your work lasts for long hours. In the home kitchen, the fatigue issue may not be so obvious, but it's still an important feature to consider.

The anti-bacterial compounds embedded in the poly handle offer another important professional feature -- built-in sanitation. Yeasts, molds, and bacteria won't get a start here -- the knives meet the NSF's professional food service standards.

For a slightly different style of chef's knife in the same range of quality and price, see the Forschner 8-inch Chef's Knife.

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