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Premium Crusader Display Sword by Trademark

Fantasy Longsword w/ Sheath 36 Inch

Posted by JT Hats

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Premium Crusader Fighting Sword byThe Premium Crusader Sword shows realistic features not always found in a display weapon, along with just enough fantasy embellishments to set it apart from the crowd. You'll be able to take this longsword to both re-enactments and fantasy combat events.

There are enough traditional marks on this weapon for an authentic look, and you'll find the influence of gaming and role-play in the distinctive clawed cross-guard. The 36-1/2-inch-long sword incorporates real leather in the black spiral grip, while cast metal fittings bear the mark of the cross. The double-edged high carbon stainless steel blade is well-shaped and symmetrical with rat-tail tang construction dependable enough for costume wear and display. Blade length of 27 inches offers plenty of intimidating steel, but the Premium Fighting Crusader Sword isn't meant for target cutting.

The sword purchase includes a wooden scabbard bound with hard black leather that matches the grim look of the blade. Polished metal fittings on the scabbard include a metal chain useful for rigging the sword to belt or harness. The antiqued metal of the Crusader Sword blade looks serious enough to satisfy any dark knight, and doesn't include fancy inscriptions or fragile decorations. A short section of unsharpened steel at the base of the blade recreates the ricasso, a part of the sword designed to withstand heavy blows during parrying.

Most of the genuine Crusader weapons, which helped inspire this sword, survived as trophies collected by victorious Muslims. Enthusiasts will find the world's largest collection of Crusader swords at the Topkapi Palace in Istanbul, Turkey.

See the King Solomon Crusader Sword for a two-handed replica weapon with an ornate design.

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