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Promate Alligator Sharp Tip Scuba Dive Knife

Line Cutter

Posted by Ken

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Promate Alligator Sharp Tip Scuba DivePromate sells all sorts of diving/scuba equipment and accessories - they do not specialize exclusively in knives. This is an important place to start my review because any prospective buyers of the Alligator Sharp Tip Dive Knife, or any knife, should know exactly where that knife is coming from. It's disappointing to me that more companies which specialize in knives are not focusing their efforts on the realm of diving. Gerber has made some great water resistant knives like the Gerber River Shorty, but the design is more focused on rafting sports than diving. I often feel like when a company stretches itself too far, in terms of the variety of products they offer, that their products miss out on innovation and quality. However, do not misinterpret my rant: Promate has done nothing wrong by offering regulators, BCDs, mask, fins, gloves, snorkels, dive suits, and all sorts of other accessories; but they've done nothing spectacular with their dive knives.

This Alligator Sharp Tip clip point, plain edge blade is constructed from 301 stainless steel, a mildly appealing metal for a dive knife, and comes with serrated spine and line cutter. The black handle completely disassembles for cleaning and maintenance. A hard plastic sheath with adjustable leg/ankle straps is part of the purchase.

So, do I recommend the Alligator Sharp Tip? It is a decent quality for a good price. But looking at the design, I can't help but think of the U.S. Divers Titanium Dive Knife. Again, made by a company which specializes in diving, not knives, but this is a much higher caliber knife which also disassembles and will last much longer.

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