R H. Forschner by Victorinox Slicing Knife | 10-Inch Meat, Bread Slicer

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R H. Forschner by Victorinox SlicingI’m a fan of Forschner knives. Although there are many knives on the market with better steel which outperform them, they offer a deep selection of specialty knives which are effective, tough, and inexpensive, which is exactly what a casual home cook or a young cook starting out in the business needs to round out his kit.

This Forschner slicer is no exception to that rule. It features the same stamped blade and moulded handle construction as many of the other workhorse knives in their line. The handle is easy to grip when slippery and the thin, shallow blade performs well in its intended role. I originally purchased a similar slicer many years ago, expecting to use it infrequently for banquets and the like, but I soon found that a thin flat bladed slicer has a myriad of uses outside the roast beef or ham station on a buffet line.

Granted, it is more of a specialty slicer than a utility slicer, but it will get the job done in a pinch, whether slicing roasts, BBQ meats, smoked salmon, melons, gyros, or even a pizza, in a pinch.

At ten inches, it’s the shortest length I’d consider to be adequate for a dedicated slicer, but for a specialty knife which isn’t likely to be a daily user, I think ten inches is adequate. For either the pro or home user in need of a dedicated slicer, this one is a good value and will provide good performance for your dollar.

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