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Randall Made Knives Model #18

Stainless Steel “Attack and Survival” Fixed-Blade Knife

Posted by Ken

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Randall Made Knives Model #18Now seventy years in production, Randall Made Knives have always had a reputation for quality. During WWII, they gained quite a bit of notoriety as several well-known soldiers carried and endorsed them. Ronald Reagan, for example, owned a Randall during WWII.

These knives were also used by NASA as it built its fledgling space program in the 1960's. See the Model #17 "Astro" for the Randall model used by NASA.

The Model 18 shown at right is a current-production model available in two blade lengths -- 5.5" and 7.5". It is a dual-edged blade, with a three-quarter length sawtooth edge on top.

The handle measures 4.75 inches of stainless steel with a removable brass butt cap. The hilt is matching quarter-inch brass, with holes for a wrist strap.

Additional features such as compass and blade etching are available as well.

Buy one of these from Randall Made and you'll find yourself on a FIVE YEAR waiting list! Many people are happy to wait that long given how collectible these knives are. For those who need their knives a little sooner than that, click on our eBay link below.

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