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Randall Made Knife Model 10

Saltwater Diving | Salt Fisherman, Household Utility | 10-3 10-5 10-7

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Randall Made Knives Model #10, 10-3,Randall Made Knives you probably already know. Makers of quality knives for seventy years, their models have become highly sought-after collectibles due to their heritage and quality. Want to know more about Randall Made? Check out the Model #17, Model #18, and this comprehensive book about nothing but Randall-Made Knives.

Still here? Great -- now let's talk about the Model 10.

The 10 is described as a 'saltwater knife'. This means that is ideal for saltwater applications such as fishing, diving or yachting.

There are three different variations of the 10. The 10-3 sports a three inch blade, the 10-5 a five inch blade and the 10-7 a seven inch blade. Makes a lot of sense, doesn't it?

Pictured at right are the 10-3 and the 10-5.

All three knives are constructed from high-carbon stainless steel and are available with handles of black micarta, red micarta or rosewood. The 10-5 and 10-7 are available with a duralumin handle as well.

You've got two options as far as purchasing a Randall Made Knife. You can get on a five-year waiting list by visiting Randall's website. Or you can pay a bit more and get your knife immediately by shopping on eBay.

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