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Randall Made Knives Model 5

Models 5-4, 5-5, 5-6, 5-7, 5-8 | Camp & Trail Survival Knife

Posted by Ken

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Randall Made Knives Model #5I won't go into much detail on the Randall Made Knife company here. You can find that in our review of the Model 17, the Model 18 or in this comprehensive book.

Instead, I'll focus on the Randall Model 5. This is a all-purpose outdoor knife, intended for camping, hunting, trail work, etc. Randall bills it as a boating knife as well, though the the Model 10 might be a better fit for that application.

For a premium price, you get the quality and pedigree of a Randall Made Knife. The blade is high-carbon stainless steel, available in a five, six, seven or eight inch length. The handle comes in stacked leather with a brass hilt and Duralumin butt cap. In the picture at right, the Model 5 is second from the left.

You can buy this from Randall directly, as many folks do, but you'll wait five years for it to arrive! Or you can search on eBay -- we've provided links below.

Find the Model 5 Randall on eBay:

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