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ScissorPro Chef’s Choice Scissors & Shears Sharpener

Diamond Hone 500, Coarse or Fine

Posted by JT Hats

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ScissorPro Chef's Choice Scissors &One of the trickiest tools to sharpen correctly at home is a pair of scissors. It always looks like an easy thing to do, but unless the edges of the blades meet at exactly the right angle, you might as well just buy a new pair. The Chef's Choice 500 ScissorPro lets owners sharpen many types of scissors perfectly, matching professional standards you'd only otherwise get by shipping the shears off for factory service.

Two sharpening slots hold abrasive discs in fine and coarse grits. The abrasive is industrial diamond, long-lasting and fast-cutting. Magne-Flex guides hold scissor blades in the right position as they pass through the slots, using plastic springs and magnets to ensure no mistakes are made. The diamond abrasive cuts quickly and without excessive heat, so there's no risk of damaging the temper of the cutting edges. One wheel sharpens the edge of the blades and the second wheel shapes the blade and sets the proper angle.

Anyone using the machine should read the manual first, because an understanding of how the blades should be set definitely helps. Although the guides do a good job of producing the correct angles, you still have to follow the procedure exactly to get good results.

Warranted for one year, this counter-top sharpening system plugs into any standard AC outlet. The ScissorPro Diamond Hone 500 sharpens right-handed scissors, left-handed scissors, poultry and kitchen shears, sewing scissors, and even fly-tying scissors. Chef's Choice warrants the machine against defects in parts and workmanship for one year.

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