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Smith & Wesson Special Ops Knife

SW2B M-9 Bayonet Challenger

Posted by Ken

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Smith & Wesson Special Ops Knife Here's a heavy-duty knife that's worth taking a look at. If it's a Smith & Wesson product, chances are it's got a lot to live up to. And it looks like the Special Ops Bayonet Challenger can live up to it just fine... but that's just from the first glance. Further scrutiny is needed:

The blade measures 7.7 inches, and the overall length goes to 12.8 inches. So it's not too big and bulky, but it's got enough length to satisfy a wide array of uses. Smith & Wesson treated this blade with a nice, thick coat of Teflon, keeping it scratch-resistant and impervious to the elements.

It comes to a convenient drop point with a top swage edge as well. The blade is 440 stainless steel, which is not the highest-quality steel used in a knife, but its versatility makes a decent choice for this type of knife.

The biggest feature to this knife set might be its scabbard, actually. It has a removable map pouch, screwdriver, sharpening stone, and a belt clip. And when the blade and scabbard lock together, you'll find they make a fairly decent wire cutter as well.

So all things considered, it's definitely not the cheapest knife we've seen, but it'll make up for that in terms of longevity and utility. Thanks Smith & Wesson!

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