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Sonic Blade 7865 Cordless Rechargeable Electric Knife

Stainless Steel Serrated

Posted by Ken

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Sonic Blade 7865 Cordless RechargeableThe last electric knife we posted was the Black and Decker SlimGrip. Since the SlimGrip leaves something to be desired, we thought we'd offer a different option for your holiday carving needs: the Sonic Blade 7865.

The knife's biggest feature is the fact that it's cordless and comes with a recharging station. This comes in really handy if your holiday traditions involve carving the turkey on the dining room table instead of 4 feet away from the outlet in the kitchen.

The Sonic Blade comes with two different knife blades that are both easily interchangeable depending on what you need to cut. The main knife boasts a "5-in-1" design, able to cut meats, veggies, fish, fruit, or items requiring small precision detail. The second knife in the set is a "micro-slicer," designed to cut lighter types of foods like bread or cheese.

Both blades are made from high quality stainless steel and are serrated along the entire edge of the knife. And they're conveniently sized, too. When attached to the handle, the knife roughly measures 10 x 8 x 12 inches. Plus, you'll like that the blades are dishwasher safe.

Its handle comes with a non-slip grip coating on the outside, as well as a safety locking mechanism near the power switch.

However, it seems that this knife isn't meant for everyday use. The battery life isn't as long as we'd like to see, and the weight isn't that light either. But if this is going to be used primarily for holidays and special occasions, you shouldn't have any complaints.

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