Spring Mill WingKnife Serrated Orange Peeler Knife | Kitchen Tool Review

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Spring Mill WingKnife Serrated OrangeIf you don’t like getting all that pulp and juice underneath your fingernails while you’re peeling an orange, you’ll probably want to keep an orange peeler handy in your kitchen drawer. Most traditional peelers have a small hook on one end and a peel lifter on the other. But this WingKnife model by Spring Mill changes the traditional design a bit.

This orange peeler features two different tools on each end of its handle. The bigger end is the orange cutter. Its blade is serrated, but not sharp enough to cause any major damage. On the other side is the peeler. The end is curved to fit underneath the orange peel and lift if away from the fruit.

Another handy feature is the finger guard on top of the serrated blade. It adds more leverage to the knife so you can get the right angle and pressure needed to make each peeling job easier. Speaking of easy, did we mention it’s dishwasher safe?

Some folks prefer to use a traditional orange peeler design because they’re used to it, and often what you’re used to just ends up being easier. However, if you’re up for trying a new technique and don’t mind a sharper, larger tool to help you remove those stubborn rinds, this WingKnife will be a breath of fresh air.

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