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Tai Chi Chinese Practice Sword For Slow Form

Martial Arts Beginner Training, High Carbon Stainless Steel

Posted by JT Hats

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Tai Chi Chinese Practice Sword For SlowThis Tai Chi Practice Sword offers beginning Tai Chi sword players a chance to start out with a blade of decent quality -- and still stay within the recreational budget. Be prepared for some minor adjustments you'll need to do on your own.

The sword itself follows a common Tai Chi pattern. The 29-1/2-inch high carbon stainless steel blade won't flex to the degree that a higher quality sword of spring steel would, but for practicing the slow form, this isn't an issue. Some fittings could work loose and might require a little ingenuity with a glue gun to repair, but you can't always expect perfection from a bargain sword. Here, you get a good blade with nice balance and an overall length of 40-3/4 inches that most players will find easy to handle. When you graduate to the finer points of the form you'll probably want to move up to something better, but this is a practical sword for the beginning student.

Since this blade is solid steel, it will also develop arm and wrist strength better than a collapsible practice sword or a lightweight wooden version. Modern people usually don't have the fine muscle control or specific strengths required for the precise movements of Tai Chi sword forms. New students may choose the lightest practice swords available. A beginner's form will look much worse with this heavier blade in hand, but the physical challenge causes improvements that don't happen with imitation weapons.

The sword includes a nylon tassel and a matching sheath but no carrying case.

If you're ready for a higher-quality, professional-level Tai Chi sword, try the Tai Chi Competition Straight Sword.

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