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Titanium Dive Knife

Barracuda Sharp Tip Scuba Diver

Posted by Ken

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Titanium Dive Knife Here's a bigger, badder Barracuda! OK, it's technically not any bigger in size than the stainless steel Barracuda by ProMate, but it's much stronger, and boasts a higher quality than its sibling.

That's because it has a 5-inch blade made from solid titanium, and that's about the best you'll find in a diving knife. The blade is fully equipped to handle anything you'd need to tackle underwater. It has a sharpened plain edge as well as a gut hook on the bottom, and a deep serrated edge on top. Both edges come to a long spear point at the tip.

The Barracuda locks into its sheath securely, and releases with one push of a button. When you need to use it, you'll like that the handle is ridged and easy to grip. Plus, it even features a titanium hammer on the pommel which can be a "tank banger" when you need to get your partner's attention, according to the product site... a very safe addition to have.

If you're going to be doing a lot of heavy-duty work underwater, or you just like the security of having a strong, sharp blade, you'll like the feel of the titanium Barracuda over the 420-stainless-steel version.

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