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Tojiro Knives

DP Series | Budget Japanese Kitchen Knives

Posted by Ken

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Tojiro DP Gyutou

The blade edges are made from a high-carbon steel and molybdenum blend, providing a sharp cutting surface that will hold its edge. Like their more expensive competitors from Shun, their blades are "wrapped" in softer, stain-resistant steel to protect the blade. The Shun's blades are made of a higher-quality steel, but these Tojiro knives should still be remarkably sharp.

These are Japanese knives that need to be cared for as such -- no throwing them in the dishwasher and they need to be stored properly. But throw them a little love and they will pay you back many times over.

So what's not to like? Tojiro knives are a bit hard to find, and they're not available in a set. If not for those caveats, they easily could've been one of the recommended sets in our recent Best Kitchen Knives for Any Budget.

You may find them out of stock, or prices may vary when you're ready to buy. But hunt around just a bit and you'll find this killer bargain of a knife.

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