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Wusthof Classic Hard Cheese Knife

Stainless Steel Plain Edge w/ Fork Tip 4-3/4 Inch

Posted by JT Hats

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Wusthof Classic Hard Cheese Knife Beautifully designed for slicing harder cheeses like sharp cheddar, the Wusthof Classic 4-3/4-inch Hard Cheese knife works best on sandwich-sized blocks, not large wheels. The unusual blade of the Classic has practical purpose behind every odd feature.

The upswept point of the cheese knife should be first to touch the cutting board. Using the tip of the blade as a rest, the remainder of the knife shears downward under total control. The plain-edged blade cuts cleanly without leaving marks on the sliced cheese, and the heavier section near the handle accurately cubes smaller pieces.

Cheeses produce a lot of friction as a knife cuts, sticking to the blade and tearing instead of falling cleanly away. To reduce that problem, Wusthof added the rows of etched squares on the blade surface. Like the hollows of a santoku, these etchings break up the knife's contact with the food, releasing slices from the blade as it passes through. When you're done and there's a pile of sliced cheese beside the block, use the forked tip of the knife to separate and pick up individual layers.

Made with the same strong construction techniques as larger knives in the Wusthof line, the Wusthof 4-3/4-inch Hard Cheese Knife looks good enough for table service, matching popular contemporary serving patterns with a traditionally designed riveted slab handle of black polymer. The Wusthof logo is etched permanently on the blade and embossed in red on the knife's grip.

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