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Wusthof Classic Knife Block Set

Hardwood 26 Piece w/ Steak Knives

Posted by JT Hats

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Wusthof Classic Knife Block Set Even though eight of the knives in this 26-piece knife block set from Wusthof are steak knives, many home chefs could be overwhelmed by this many choices of working blades. Minimalists will find the collection excessive, but part of the draw is the ability to tackle any recipe and have the right tools at hand. Add the look of the oiled hardwood block and the traditional solid construction people have come to expect from Wusthof, and it makes a tempting option for the owner of any large kitchen.

This type of Wusthof knife uses a tried and true combination of riveted handle slabs and strong forged high carbon stainless steel blades. The knives are very well built with full-width, full-length tangs and machine washable polypropylene handles with the look of solid hardwood. This is an old style of knife, heavier than many modern laser-cut steel knives, but it's the style many chefs trained with or inherited. Some would own nothing less. Budget-conscious shoppers or chefs interested in modern types of kitchen blades would want to look at other possibilities as well as this old German cutlery standard.

If you're outfitting a large kitchen and need the specialty knives that make fine cuisine possible, this is an interesting choice. Four different sizes of cook's knives -- the fundamental kitchen blades -- form the backbone of the assortment. Bird's beak paring knife, forked-tip tomato knife, and a slender boning knife expand the possibilities even more. For other butchering and carving work, the carving knife, filet knife, and heavy cleaver fill the gaps. Bread knife, utility knife, and standard paring knife round out the knife set, which also includes a honing steel and kitchen shears. You'll find nothing delicate in this selection -- add a high quality slicing knife to cover all the zones.

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