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Wusthof Classic Chef’s Paring Knife

Stainless Steel Full Tang Blade

Posted by JT Hats

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Wusthof Classic Stainless Steel FullParing knives are often the worst knives in a kitchen. We use them for such ordinary tasks that it's easy to ignore this basic rule: a good knife makes the work go faster. Anything that makes peeling a sack of onions (or even just one) faster is a friend of mine.

The Wusthof Classic 3.5" blade paring knife is one of those friendly blades. The durable synthetic handle fits the hand comfortably, easing the cramps you get from repetitive work and making even ordinary kitchen chores more pleasant. The full tang stainless steel and strong riveted assembly add up to a tool that lasts. One investment should be enough for a lifetime, unless a friend talks you out of it.

The stainless alloy Wusthof chooses offers excellent edge holding qualities--the grind is a Western style, wider and in some ways stronger than Japanese designs. Cooks raised in Western traditions often find it more natural to use. Honing with a sharpening steel, one of the easiest ways to maintain a good edge, doesn't even apply to some Japanese blades (requiring stones). That simple approach--the sharpening steel--is all that's needed with this Classic.

As for strength and balance, one user even put the Wusthof Classic in his knife throwing act--of the major brands he tested, Wusthof was the only kitchen knife that survived.

Even though the Classic is dishwasher safe, don't do that to it. Stainless steel that will hold a fine edge will also gradually erode in machine washing chemicals, as will the rivets in the handle. For a tiny bit of hand care you get a great long lasting knife. If the Army had given me the Classic when I peeled my first five sacks of potatoes, I'd have been happier. Not happy, but happier.

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