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Wusthof Knife Case for 25, Portable Storage & Travel Luggage

Professional Cutlery Suitcase, Black Naugahyde

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Wusthof Knife Case for 25, PortableThe luggage-quality Knife Suitcase from Wusthof safely transports up to 25 knives, plus kitchen utensils, gadgets, and even a few personal items. Made from leather-like naugahyde, the Knife Suitcase holds up to the rough handling all checked luggage can expect.

Storage capacity is good enough to transport a full kit to and from culinary school or professional appointments. The main compartment of the soft-sided bag is reinforced by a removable plastic storage tray, allowing chefs to lift out their knife collection as one piece. The back compartment of the white tray is a bin where essential gadgets can be kept handy. Internal flaps seal the knife compartment and provide extra separated storage for larger kitchen tools. Smaller pockets in an outer section store pen and pencil and other small odds and ends like notebooks and business cards. Access to that zippered compartment doesn't require opening the main bag. The dual zippers on the main compartments may be padlocked together for better security while in transport.

The bag will be carrying plenty of weight but is built to hold up to it, and the two carrying systems make hauling the knife case through airports as comfortable as possible. A canvas strap running around the case is the foundation for the wide suitcase-style naugahyde handle and puts very little stress on the bag's seams. Also connected to that foundation strap, the wide padded shoulder strap offers a restful second load support. The strap snaps on and off the bag quickly and stores in one of the outer pockets for check-in.

Although not quite so durable as genuine leather, naugahyde is long-lived and easily wiped clean. With ordinary care, the Wusthof Knife Suitcase should last for years.

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