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Wusthof Knife Set of 18 w/ Hardwood Oak Storage Block

Full Tang Gourmet Cutlery

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Wusthof Knife Set of 18 w/ Hardwood OakEnough knives to outfit the average modern kitchen combine with a quality oak storage block in this 18-piece assortment from Wusthof's moderately priced Gourmet series. Lighter in build than Wusthof's Classic forged knives, the Gourmet line offers modern computer-controlled construction. Laser-cut steel lowers the cost without dropping quality.

The old form of the Wusthof line is still visible, but solid steel forged bolsters have been replaced by simpler shaped handles. You get the same secure grip and reliable finger safety but with lighter composite designs. Blade are high carbon stainless steel with full tangs, made of thinner steel than the forged versions. That makes blades more flexible and reduces fatique problems if you work with the knives for hours at a time.

This good assortment includes paring, tomato, sandwich, and utility knives; carving, bread, and chef's knives; carving fork, kitchen shears, and sharpening steel; as well as six matching Gourmet steak knives and a 17-slot oak hardwood storage block. If you're setting up a new kitchen, you'll find nearly everything but the butcher's cleaver in this collection. Wusthof's assortment does fill out the block completely, so you'll need to find more storage if you keep old favorites or add new knives to this basic set.

Handle slabs of durable polymer lock to the knife tangs with stainless steel rivets, giving the knives a rugged construction that's guaranteed for life with no gaps to hold moisture or bacteria. Cleaning should be a quick hand wash and dry after use, not the dishwasher. The set is dishwasher safe, but the machine's harsh environment could be tough on the blades.

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