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Wusthof Seafood Fish Fillet Knife

Kitchen Gourmet Cutlery, High Carbon Stainless Steel

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Wusthof Seafood Fish Fillet Knife The Wusthof Gourmet 6.3-inch fish fillet knife finds a place either at camp or in the kitchen. This short fillet knife still handles most of the fish anglers actually catch, and the narrow blade even trims neat fillets from pan fish.

When filleting the day's catch, the right knife not only saves time, it saves fish. Most fish are lost at the lake, but it's a genuine tragedy when one's lost at the cleaning station. Do a poor job of filleting, and there's very little for the table. Over-sized knives are meant for large fish, so it's sensible to prepare for something a little more common. The 6.3-inch Gourmet fills that gap.

A good fillet knife has to meet very high standards of workmanship with a narrow and thin blade that flexes and follow the contours of the bones. That combines with a cutting edge that's razor sharp and won't blunt the first time it hits a rib. The blend is a tough one to achieve with old-fashioned forging and tempering processes, and stamped blades often fall short of the mark.

Wusthof's modern manufacturing processes have the advantage in this case. Wusthof's Gourmet 6.3-inch Fillet Knife is laser-cut from high carbon stainless steel, so there's no distortion from the stresses of machine stamping and no loss of quality due to overheating in forging. With a laser-cut blank, the stock of the knife retains all the important characteristics of the original alloy. Wusthof improves that quality with careful shaping and heat treating. Compound tapering puts customized strength in each part of the blade. German X50CrMoV15 stain-free steel guarantees good edge holding and corrosion resistance. Hone the Wusthof Gourmet Fish Fillet knife with an ordinary sharpening steel before use.

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