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Wusthof Sharpening & Honing Steel 10 Inch

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Posted by JT Hats

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Wusthof Sharpening & Honing Steel 10A matching sharpening steel for fine Wusthof Cutlery, this 10-inch honing steel quickly resets the blades of most good kitchen knives, regardless of brand. The most important feature beyond usability is the handle, styled to match Wusthof patterns and sporting the trademark trident rivet on the end. The steel adds a little flash to the Wusthof carving set if you're working at the dining table.

Unless working with high-end knives that chip on hard surfaces, a honing steel like the Wusthof is the fastest and easiest way to maintain an edge. Keeping blades sharp should be a frequent habit, not a dreaded chore. Pick up a knife, give it a few quick swipes on the steel, and go to work. Don't wait until the edge is too dull to cut anything, because badly blunted edges need some time on a sharpening stone. Frequent use of a honing steel can postpone that job indefinitely.

If you've never used a honing steel before, plenty of online instruction is available for free, and you'll find that many professionals do things differently and still get good results. Some stroke the blade edge forward, and some hone the blade spine forward. The safest method is with the tip of the hone braced on a cutting board. Stroke the knife against the blade edge down and work from top to bottom on the hone, passing the entire length of the cutting edge over it in one stroke. Work towards a bevel of about 30 degrees. If that won't restore the edge to like new condition, it may be time to bring out the whetstone.

If you want to try the Chef Gordon Ramsey method, work in slow motion at first and be very aware of people around you. Even dull knives cut.

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