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Anolon Advanced Paring Knife

Cutlery Review | 3-Inch

Posted by Ken

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Anolon Advanced Collection 3-1/2-InchThe Anolon Advanced Collection 3 1/2-Inch Parer Knife is perfect for many kitchen jobs such as cutting and peeling fruits and vegetables or even trimming and cubing meat.

The blade is crafted from German high-carbon steel, known for it's superior quality and for being resistant to staining and rust.

It has an ergonomic grip to prevent hand fatigue when using the knife for an extended period of time. The grip is padded with Santoprene to provide a safe, comfortable hold with no slipping, even if your hands are wet.

The 1-1/2-Inch Parer Knife comes with two tips - a small cover for the tip to be used when you have the knife lying out, and a larger sheath for when it is being stored in a drawer.

Anolon knives come with a lifetime limited warranty.

The Anolon Parer Knife is the perfect parer for all kitchen cutting jobs that require a smaller knife.

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