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ArchiTEC Gripperwood Chef’s Hardwood Cutting Board

Posted by JT Hats

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ArchiTEC Gripperwood Chef's HardwoodAt 20" x 15.9" x 1" and almost eight pounds, the Gripperwood Cutting Board from ArchiTEC has nearly enough size and heft to stay in place on its own, but ArchiTEC makes it even more stable by embedding high friction feet in each corner. The wide mat-style feet keep the board above wet countertops, and the thickness makes it usable even for chopping and tenderizing.

A grooved edge helps keep juices on the board instead of the counter, with a large smooth work surface inside the groove. There are just a few limitations that go along with this design, and you'll find the same issues with virtually any wooden cutting board you buy.

Regular oiling is absolutely essential, either with expensive butcher block oil or cheap mineral oil. Every time you wash the board, you'll be removing that protective coating and exposing the board to moisture. A quick hand wash and dry is all it needs -- when thoroughly dry, re-oil the board.

This board should be stored on edge when not in use. The mat feet do keep it off the counter surface, but moisture will still collect beneath the board. If the bottom gets damp, you'll see the board dipping in the center as the bottom layer expands. If the distortion goes too far, the laminations will separate or the wood will crack.

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