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Batman Twin Blades Fantasy Collector’s Set

Lightning Bolt Magnetic Display Sword & Scabbard

Posted by JT Hats

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Batman Twin Blades Collector's Set The concept is right -- Batman was fond of twin blades. This double-bladed Bat-style sword tries to replicate that tricky idea with a result that's practical only for display but does include some interesting design features.

The two blades ride in an over-the-back black leather scabbard tooled to friction-fit the unusual shapes of the solid 440 high carbon stainless steel swords. Draw the swords as one weapon, bonded by a strong magnetic strip at the grip, and then rotate one blade out and reverse it to lock the double sword in fighting position. This isn't just a magnetic bond -- shoulders stamped in the steel blades brace the opposing handles and do create a solid one-piece feeling. The jagged 14-inch, double-edged blades are well beveled but un-sharpened. Overall length of the weapon from point to point reaches 35 inches when properly aligned and assembled.

The dark theme of the Batman story continues in the black anodizing of the bat or lightning-winged blades, and as part of a set of Batman memorabilia, the sword certain has a place. Many other Bat-weapons of similar quality are available, but overall, the secrets of Bat-technology still seem out of the reach of the ordinary fan. Even if you have bat-like strength and reflexes, you'll find the grip of the Lightning Sword awkward and dangerous. Intended as a display or costume piece, the Lightning Sword will still be a real attention-getter on the wall of your Bat-cave.

Both swords and their matching black leather sheath are manufactured in China.

For a legendary superhero sword of better quality, see the Blade Sword of the Daywalker replica.

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