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Bamboo Kitchen Cutting Board by Terra Verde

Laminated Reversible Wood, Eco Friendly Green

Posted by JT Hats

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Bamboo Kitchen Cutting Board by TerraTerra Verde's Bamboo Cutting Board minimizes the amount of exposed end grain and cuts down on moisture absorption. The different grain patterns give the board an attractive look and increase its strength. Bamboo provides an inexpensive "green" alternative to polyethylene or hardwood -- a harvested bamboo grove replenishes in as little as three years.

The laminated bamboo sections of the board average 16 percent harder than the rock maple traditionally used in good wooden cutting boards and butcher blocks. Food-safe adhesive creates a permanent bond between the hard bamboo splines which make up the board. The board only needs an occasional treatment with oil to remain waterproof and stable. The surface holds up to heavy cutting and has the same sanitary features as hardwood boards.

The 13.6-inch by 11.6-inch by 1-inch cutting board is usable on either side. Rounded edges are easy to pick up from the countertop, and the handle cut in one end makes storage easy. Hang it from a peg if possible so that air flows around all sides -- uneven drying could cause the board to temporarily warp. Don't leave the board on a damp countertop overnight.

This environmentally friendly board made from totally renewable bamboo isn't meant for the dishwasher. Hand wash the board with warm soapy water when needed, and reapply a light coating of mineral oil after the board dries. You could also use the much more expensive bamboo block oil specially formulated for dense bamboo cutting boards.

For a dishwasher-safe cutting board, see the white polyethylene version.

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