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Battle Ready Hanwei Viking Spear by Paul Chen

Medieval Nordic Weapon Replica

Posted by JT Hats

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Battle Ready Hanwei Viking Spear byCreated by Paul Chen of Hanwei Forge, the Viking Throwing Spear is more than a reproduction of a classic museum piece. The details are intricate, including etched runic designs on the socket of the spearhead. Viking smiths would have used a complicated process called niello to create the designs on the spear, first carving the pattern and then filling and firing the design with a mixture of sulfur and metallic powders. Hanwei's process involves different steps, but the final product has a similar appearance to the true Niello.

This 12-ounce stainless steel spearhead -- slightly over 16 inches long -- matches the style of throwing spears carried by Nordic warriors and was originally designed to penetrate armour. Vikings carried several of these light spears tucked under an arm as they charged the enemy, throwing them en route before closing for the final hand to hand battle. Though the Hanwei throwing spear is fully functional, owners today may be reluctant to scar the appearance of this historically accurate spear by casting it at targets. Some wear and tear on the 9-1/4 blade should be expected.

The socket of this reproduction accepts a tapered shaft one inch in diameter. For high strength, use only straight-grained seasoned hardwood. Good stock is often available through martial arts equipment suppliers, but a hardwood dowel from the local hardware store could also work. Expect to spend some time shaving it down for that perfect fit.

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