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Best Spear: SOG Spearhead Knife

Specialty Knives, Fusion Spirit FS01-N

Posted by JT Hats

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SOG Spearhead Knife The SOG FS01-N Fusion Spirit Knife combines belt knife and spearhead with options for attaching a full length shaft. Wear it on the belt in the knife-style nylon sheath and use the Spirit as you would any stout belt knife. If you need a long weapon, you have the option of mounting the threaded spearhead on any suitable rod or sapling, securing it with the handy set screw. The spearhead threads onto the short reinforced nylon handle or accepts a standard push broom handle or extension pole.

Seriously, this is a pretty good idea -- a spear head that doubles as a belt knife but gives you the essentials of a real spear when you do need it. The 4.25-inch black oxide coated 420 stainless steel spear head actually could be a sturdy self defense or survival item if properly mounted to a good shaft. If you've ever actually tried to make a spear, or even make a broom, you'll know it isn't quite that simple. Broom handles are also pretty fragile.

My suggestion to owners of the SOG Spirit is to fit the spear head to a straight-grained ash shaft at home where you have access to good tools and plenty of time to do the job well. Cover the end of the shaft with a PVC cap and carry the spear shaft as a hiking staff. Keep the SOG Spirit on your belt until you need a spear. Don't expect a mop handle or tree branch to last long or work well. If you go that route, you could lose the Spirit Fusion Knife in the first creek you cross.

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