Wusthof KnifeWusthof Trident of Solingen, Germany, specializes in kitchen cutlery but also manufactures pocket knives, shears, and cooking accessories. Currently the company makes more than 350 different items in its two factories, with a small work force of about 300 employees. This family business competes successfully against much larger corporations like Zwilling J.A. Henckels.

Company History

Wusthof began operations in Solingen in 1814. Seven generations of the Wusthof family have owned and operated the company since its inception. Harald Wusthof leads the company today. Most Wusthof knives continue to be produced through hot forging. Even though the design of the classic Wusthof knife hasn’t greatly changed, the knives consistently get high ratings from well-known chefs like Gordon Ramsey as well as from average users. The popularity of this brand isn’t limited to Western nations. In 2010 the All Japan Chefs Association chose Wusthof knives as their team equipment for international culinary events such as the World Culinary Olympics.


Wusthof manufactures ten different styles of kitchen knives as well as distinctive butcher knives and cleavers. Forged knives are available with classic full width bolsters or streamlined modern blades which give access to the entire cutting edge. Handle materials include many colors of durable synthetics, plus all-stainless builds and one style with handle slabs shaped from Grenadill or African Blackwood.

Wusthof Gourmet and Silverpoint knives offer a more economical construction using laser-cut high carbon stainless steel and molded polymer handles. Wusthof uses its own steel alloy for the knives, adding chromium, molybdenum, and vanadium to increase stain resistance without losing the ability to keep a sharp edge.

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