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Wusthof Come Apart Kitchen Shears

Cutlery Scissors

Posted by Ken

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Wusthof Come Apart Kitchen Shears A good set of kitchen shears is like an old friend. An old friend that cuts through packaging and removes bottle caps, that is!

Kidding aside, this is an inexpensive set of versatile scissors from a well-known and well-respected knife maker.

Wusthof has been making great knives for decades, and they've applied their skills, tradition and good sense to these shears.

The first thing you'll notice is that the blades come apart for easy cleaning and storage. That makes it easier to hand-clean them, though at this price you'll be tempted to just throw them in the dishwasher and not be too worried if they dull over time.

The grips are sturdy and non-slip and feature a built-in sawtooth bottle and jar opener.

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