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Chef’s Choice 100 W Knife Sharpener

Diamond Hone Electric Wheel

Posted by JT Hats

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Chef's Choice 100 W Knife Sharpener The 100W Diamond Hone Knife Sharpener from Chef's Choice reshapes edges of worn and dulled kitchen and sporting knives in a three stage process. The first and coarsest set of diamond impregnated honing wheels puts a preset bevel on the blade edge. Second and third stages with progressively finer wheels refine that bevel without removing much more steel. The edge you get from this machine is good enough to cut paper cleanly but not good enough to shave. This actually is the quality of edge many people regard as safe and sharp. Razor edged knives aren't for everybody.

The Chef's Choice Diamond Hone is a compromise between convenience and skill. If you avoid sharpening knives and have a drawer full of dull ones, the 100W could be just what you need, since it does have the capacity to restore those knives to good working condition without learning a new trade. Magnetic guides hold the blade at the correct angle as it's pulled through the machine. Use only enough pressure to keep the blade in position on the wheels to avoid extra wear on the abrasive or damaging the finished edge.

Trouble spots are tips, curves, and the section of blade near the bolster that won't ever reach the polishing wheels. Blade tips and curved sections of cutting edge require a lot of finesse to properly move through the machine. You might find that a flat stone works better for those parts. The buffing action of the wheels also gives the lower part of the knife blade a satin finish, a step down from the high polish of expensive cutlery. The Chef's Choice is a good sharpening system well suited to less expensive steel.

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