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Chef’s Choice Multi-Edge Knife Sharpener

Double Bevel Diamond Hone

Posted by JT Hats

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Chef's Choice Multi-Edge KnifeWith coarse and fine honing plates, a secure hand grip, and several aids to accuracy, the Chef's Choice Multi-Edge Diamond Hone Knife Sharpener does a good job of restoring the edges of most kitchen knives. The system isn't foolproof and shouldn't be expected to match the work of a sharpening stone. For those who don't like sharpening knives the hard way, this Diamond Hone can be the key to working with knives that really cut.

The two-stage system puts a double bevel on the blade. Draw a knife through the right and left sides of the coarse stage first, to shape the main bevel, and then through the guides of the fine stage honing plates to put the final cutting bevel on the edge. The diamond plates rotate as the blade passes through. Fifty strokes could be needed to set the first stage bevel. Ten more on the fine side should restore the edge to workable condition. True razor sharpness would require another stage beyond this, but the edge the hone produces is good enough for most work.

Impatience can be your downfall with the Multi-Edge hone. Use only a light pressure, drawing the knife carefully through the guides as you let the wheels do the polishing, or you may press the cutting edge against the fixture. That would wreck it again as you pull the knife through. Check the edge from time to time as you work and stop when you get a clean edge the length of the blade.

Honing serrated blades with the fine set of honing plates is possible. Used properly, the Multi-Edge should reset and sharpen the tips of the serrations, but isn't intended to sharpen the inner edges of the teeth. Running serrated blades through the coarse side of this system could damage the knife.

Most of the work will involve the first sharpening of your knives. Once the blade bevels are ground to fit the machine, touch-up is fast and easy.

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