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Chicago Cutlery Serrated Knife Block Set

Wood Teflon Handles 25 Piece Basics

Posted by JT Hats

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Chicago Cutlery Serrated Knife BlockDesigned to never need sharpening, the knives in this block set from Chicago Cutlery feature thick stamped high carbon stainless steel blades with serrated edges. The set is a tempting mix of good values and troublesome ideas.

The Basics 25-piece Wood Block Set, made in China to Chicago Cutlery's specifications, includes much more than just a wide range of knives. The 25-piece count provides new owners with: a pair of kitchen shears; six Teflon ladles, spatulas and pasta tools; a medium-sized knife block with slots for all the set's knives plus the shears; and a polymer cutting board.

This knife set was designed for chefs who prefer not to sharpen their own knives. Every blade is serrated, even when that's not appropriate to their use. If you want an accurate paring knife, choose a plain edge. That counts for many types of slicing as well -- good serrated blades cut but leave a more ragged surface than good plain edge blades. Chicago Cutlery's website recommends sharpening the plain edge versions of these knives after every two uses. The best cutting edge on these serrated knives fades more slowly, but it still fades. Without special equipment, you'll not be able to sharpen these blades at home.

The Basics Block Set includes six steak knives which won't see service during prep, and a three-inch, four-inch and five-inch selection of paring and utility knives. Eight-inch carving, bread, and chef's knives plus a six-inch boning knife are also included, along with three specialty tools: tomato and cheese knives and a matching fork.

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