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Chinese Archaic Bronze Sword Replica by Trademark Global

Historical Collectible Asian Battle Weapon, 23 Inch

Posted by JT Hats

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Chinese Archaic Bronze Sword Replica byChinese bronze swords first developed in the late 7th century B.C. and reached a very high level of craftsmanship before iron and steel took over the battlefield. This 23-inch Bronze Sword would probably be the only bronze blade in a modern collection, except for the letter opener on the desk.

This Archaic Sword from Trademark Global will surprise you as soon as you pick it up. The short blade with polished hardwood grip weighs considerably more than a steel longsword and has half the reach. Cast with a massive hilt and a thick blade, the bronze weapon unquestionably could do serious damage, but the speed and durability of steel puts it to shame.

Bronze swords in China overcame some of those problems when smiths created laminated bronze blades. Putting different amounts of tin into the metal resulted in a difference in strength and hardness, so longer blades were poured in two sections. The thick spine of a dao or single-edged blade was tougher bronze with less tin, while the layer of bronze cast as the edge was harder and could be ground sharper. Double-edged swords or jian presented different technical problems. A common solution was a shorter and heavier blade.

The Archaic Bronze Sword comes with a hardwood wall plaque and is cast with simple decorations on hilt and blade. The sword will be a unique piece for most collectors.

The Roman Centurian Gladius Replica Sword recreates an early European weapon with a similar design, but in steel.

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