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AnySharp Knife Sharpener Review

Professional Kitchen Cutlery Hone As Seen On TV

Posted by JT Hats

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AnySharp Knife Sharpener Review One of the simplest and most efficient knife sharpeners I've seen lately, the AnySharp quickly restores a uniform bevel to a knife's edge. Solid construction and a dependable suction-mount base eliminate slipping and jamming. Without any of the usual frustrations of manual sharpeners, you'll be able to focus on the knife blade and do it right.

I ran one of my older knives -- a chef's knife with a ten-inch blade -- through the machine and counted strokes. Possibly because I'd already tinkered with the knife and modified the factory bevel, restoring the edge to the twenty-degree bevel AnySharp targets did take more than the three to five passes claimed by AnySharp. However, I was surprised by how quickly the sharpener works and was well on the way to that fresh accurate edge within ten strokes.

The sharpener mounts firmly to countertop or even to vertical surfaces with a suction base activated by pressing a lever on the top of the device. I expected the AnySharp to bust loose fairly quickly, but through twenty minutes of experimentation, the sharpener never budged. I was able to use two hands on the blade for better control and never experienced skipping or chatter as I pulled the knife through the carbide blades that do the work.

The tricky part is what always becomes difficult -- the curved tip of the chef's knife was a little hard to shape but took only a few extra strokes to finish. Some work with a honing steel brought it quickly to the scary razor sharp level I prefer, but many chefs would be happy with the edge fresh from the machine.

AnySharp guarantees the sharpener for ten years and recommends it for some serrated blades and even for sharpening lawn mower blades. I'd be cautious of that even though it's possible. Buy the cheaper AnySharp for the yard.

For a different approach suitable for the narrower bevel of Asian knives, see the Chef's Choice 463.

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