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Continental Professional Electric Food Slicer

Deli Meat, Stainless Steel PS77711

Posted by JT Hats

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Continental Professional Electric FoodThe Continental PS77711 Professional Series Heavy Duty Food/Meat Slicer is actually a good machine, at the low end of the slicer range in features and price. Disassembly and cleaning isn't simple, with several tricks to taking the machine apart that only time with the manual will explain. Inspect the slicer for ordinary problems like loose screws before operating for the first time.

The blade won't handle the largest roasts and hams, but this is a mid-sized machine intended for lighter work. The motor's power is a good match for the diameter of the blade, and if users don't over-stress the slicer by impatiently pushing foods into the blade faster than the machine cuts, the Continental will do a good job. Some of the perks you'd find on more expensive machines are missing on this one -- the food tray slides on bushings, not bearings, and that mechanism will need to be clean and oiled for the tray to work smoothly. Safety shields are minimal, but the very important interlock power switch is a standard feature and will prevent curious hands from turning the slicer on in your absence.

Table and blade also tilt for a gravity feed option that helps keep hands away from the slicing zone. When tipped, foods shift automatically against the blade. Towards the end of the cutting process, the weight of the block probably won't be enough to hold the food in place, so there'll be a heel left over that works up easier by hand.

As with any slicer, overloading the machine with foodstuffs difficult to slice, like large cheese blocks, is bound to cause trouble. Divide difficult items into portions small enough for the machine to handle.

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