Knife Block SetsCareful shopping pays off with knife sets. You could get a really great deal, or if you buy on impulse you could get stuck with a full set of knives you don’t really like at all. Companies may fill out the set with inexpensive blades instead of the knives you need. If you want good knives you’ll enjoy and use daily, there are many excellent offers for those willing to buy in bulk.

Whether you’re the sort of chef who wants every knife the company makes or the sort who only wants the knives you work with the most, buying knife sets makes good sense. There’s a knife set for every purpose from kitchen prep to service to sushi. Starter sets offering three knives seldom steer you wrong, since most include the basics. It’s also a good way to step up the quality of your cutlery without spending a painful amount of money.

Block sets include the very important wooden storage block, usually of laminated hardwood with slots for many sizes of kitchen blades as well as steak knives, shears and sharpening steels. If you’ve purchased a set of good knives the hardwood block is the best way to store them — saving both blades and fingers.

Bargain prices can be very seductive, but be cautious. Divide the price by the number of pieces, and if it sounds too good to be true, it is.

Some of Our Favorites

If you don’t start out with the best, you may never get around to the best. If you can, start with the Shun Classic Damascus Steel Knife set and bamboo block. All the knives you need and room for the knives you’ll love later on.

Good knives from a well known American company — Chicago Cutlery’s Metro Block Set has won several industry awards. You’ll need sharpening skills for this economical buy, but this set is an excellent choice for the average kitchen.

Three basic knives in the streamlined forged patterns favored by Solingen, Germany’s Messermeister — the Elite Knife set gives owners the high quality of German craftsmanship and steel at a price that’s easier to bear.

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