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OnlyKnives’ Best $1000 Kitchen Knives

Hattori HD Kitchen Knife SetFromShun Classic Knives, the blade is made up of a VG-10 steel core, wrapped by layers of stainless steel. This allows the edge to be extremely sharp, to retain its edge over time and yet still be stain-resistant.

VG-10 is one of the premier steels being used in high-end Japanese knives today. It allows this blade to be sharpened to a Rockwell hardness of 60-61, making it among the sharpest blades available.

What puts these knives over the top, however, is the gorgeous Damascus pattern on the blade. Evoking the image of centuries-old Japanese blade making techniques, the “wave” pattern is a result of the layering used to make the knife. Each blade is also hand-engraved with the Hattori signature. You’ll want to store these knives on a magnetic knife strip so they can be seen anywhere in your kitchen.

The handles are made of pakkawood, a resin-infused hardwood that is durable, lightweight and comfortable to hold.

As with all high-end sharp knives, these require a bit of extra care. You should hand-clean them immediately after use, store them in a knife block or magnetic strip, and keep the blades sharp. If you’re not prepared to do those extra tasks, these knives are probably not the right choice.

Since Hattori is such a craftsman, these knives can be tricky to find. They’re not impossible to track down, but you may find that a vendor has them one week and then has a two-month waiting list the next.

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