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Emerilware Asian Cutlery Set of 2

Wusthof Santoku & Paring Knife Silverpoint

Posted by JT Hats

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Emerilware Asian Cutlery Set of 2 Designed in partnership with popular New Orleans chef Emeril Lagasse, the Emerilware Asian Santoku and Paring Knife set uses construction features taken from Wusthof's Silverpoint pattern. Silverpoint and Gourmet are Wusthof's budget product lines and differ mainly in style -- both provide practical quality at an affordable price.

These two Emerilware knives are lightweight but versatile with easy-to-grip handles of dark polymer, unaffected by temperature or moisture. The overlapping bolster formed from the handle material strengthens one of the critical points in the knife by shifting the junction between handle and blade slightly forward. Molded permanently around the tang of the knife, the synthetic handle is secured by one rivet near the heel of the handle. The head of the rivet is embossed with the company symbol, the Wusthof trident.

Blades of high carbon Solingen stainless steel are from the same alloy as used in other Wusthof products, but cut from a blank of steel with lasers rather than being stamped or drop-forged. Laser cutting leaves the original alloy unchanged and creates no distortion in the metal. That means a stronger and more predictable blade. Tempered tough enough to hold an edge and still be easily sharpened, the blades do require regular honing. These knives are dishwasher safe, but avoid marred blade surfaces and dulled cutting edges by handwashing.

Both the santoku and paring knife are meant for slicing, not for heavy work like prying or chopping. These knives work very well for prepping and slicing vegetables and fruits and may quickly become two of your favorites.

The higher-quality Wusthof Asian Knife Set offers two similar knives in a stronger forged pattern.

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