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Henckels International Classic Forged Steak Knives

Plain Edge 4 Piece Set

Posted by JT Hats

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Henckels International Classic ForgedIf you're looking for a well made set of four lightweight and slender steak knives, the J.A. Henckels International Classic Steak Knife Set is a good match. Forged blades and bolsters and full tang slab handles match the look of other knives in the Henckels Classic series, but without the bulk and weight many expect of steak knives.

The slim blades of these knives are thin enough to flex while cutting, and handles have the heft of table knives. That could be a plus, unless you're shopping for bulky restaurant style steak knives with Texas style grips. This set is more refined, but still works well. The plain edge high carbon stainless steel blades will hold a razor edge and can be quickly honed with a sharpening steel before service. Since these knives should cut by edge instead of by force, regular sharpening is advised. If you're hoping to find a steak knife set which requires no extra maintenance, consider heavier knives with serrated edges.

Stainless steel for table service resists corrosion but doesn't hold an edge well. The steak knives in this set are forged from high carbon stain free steel, which does hold a good cutting edge but could be marred by machine washing. Henckels advises hand washing and drying -- storing in a hardwood knife block allows best care of the blades. Many people don't consider steak knives worthy of extra attention and toss them in a drawer with the cheap spatulas and kitchen tools. To appreciate the good points of this set, more than minimal care will be necessary.

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