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Henckels Magna Bar Magnetic Knife Storage

Black Wall Mount 17 1/2 Inch

Posted by JT Hats

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Henckels Magna Bar Magnetic KnifeThe 17.5-inch Magna Bar from J.A. Henckels offers compact knife storage which fits neatly in nearly any kitchen. Make use of space you've never used before while keeping your knives close to hand. It's a fine idea for small kitchens where restricted counter space won't allow a knife block.

Problems could arise during installation. The 17.5-inch Magna Bar doesn't offer much wiggle room -- one end may anchor firmly in a stud behind the wall, and the other may be hanging in the sheet rock. Chances are good that if you place the bar exactly where you want it, both ends will anchor in the weakest parts of the wall. It's possible to install the bar securely, but that does require more than a screwdriver, and the hardware supplied with the bar. In plasterboard you'll need screw anchors, a drill bit to match, the drill to power it, and a level if you want the strip to hang straight.

Powerful magnetic strips in the Magna Bar hold even heavy knives firmly in place. The plastic fittings which hold the bar in place could pull out of the wall if chefs lever the blades directly out from the bar. That puts maximum stress on the system. Lift the knives straight up, sliding them off the bar, and the Magna Bar should stay in place. It's a system that can work very well, but not if you hang it by screwing the fittings directly into drywall. Blades will also become magnetized themselves, which shouldn't be an issue until sharpening time. Filings may not simply wash off -- be sure to wipe the blades clean of metal debris.

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