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Henckels Pastry & Bakery Knife Set, Serrated

Bread & Utility Blade, Twin Pro S 35618

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Henckels Pastry & Bakery Knife Set,This two-piece knife set from J.A. Henckels' Twin Pro S series was chosen with the baker in mind. These serrated blades were designed for slicing the full range of textures encountered in baked bread and sandwich prep.

The Twin Pro S five-inch utility knife is a favorite among sandwich makers, slicing onions and tomatoes cleanly and dividing sandwich stacks without crushing the structure of the food. The eight-inch serrated bread knife divides hard crusted baked goods accurately and cuts airy slices from freshly baked bread. Serrations do the best job on the hard exterior of bread and rolls and require little upkeep.

The Twin Pro S knives are created from three different types of high carbon stainless steel, welded into one bar before forging and shaping. Blade, bolster, and tang are of different alloys with properties especially suited to the stresses and strains on that part of the knife. Forging creates the solid steel bolster, but the remainder of the knife is shaped by laser cutting and stone grinding. Less stress is placed on the steel during this process, and the end result is a knife without the weak points caused by overheating or stamping.

Twin Pro S knives also receive the Friodur treatment, which drops the temperature of the steel temporarily to -50 degrees C -- cold enough to alter the crystalline structure of the steel and increase edge retention and blade strength. The knives are a heavier style than many other modern brands, but the design is time-tested and still popular. Wash the knives by hand to protect the polish -- stain-free steel may blemish in a dishwasher. Use only wooden or plastic cutting boards in order to protect the cutting edges of these blades.

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