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Best Cleaver: Henckels Twin Meat Knife

Full Tang High Carbon Stainless Steel

Posted by JT Hats

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Henckels Friordur Twin Meat CleaverThick laser-cut steel and a cutting edge ice-hardened by J.A. Henckels' Friordur process makes the Twin Meat Cleaver strong enough for any tough chopping job in the kitchen. This is not a lightweight vegetable cleaver -- the blade of the Henckels chops through gristle, joints, and even heavy bone and frozen food. You can even use the spine of the blade for crushing blocks of ice.

Cleavers intended for dividing carcasses during butchering aren't always a common tool in today's kitchen. Even though most of us don't do the roughest part of that work, this blade still comes in handy. If you like to make your own soup stock, this Henckels cleaver will chop through the heaviest soup bones to the marrow and the real flavor. If you barbecue for large groups of people Hawaiian-style, the Henckels will divide a whole hog into parts you can easily handle.

The full tang and polypropylene handle slabs combine with the six-inch-long cleaver blade to make a knife that's actually more axe than cutting tool. Laser cutting allows the blade to be shaped from a single blank without heating and distortion that could alter the characteristics of the high carbon stainless steel. Though this isn't a forged design and doesn't have the forged bolster of higher priced versions, the steel itself is so thick that this doesn't lower the performance of the cleaver at all.

Sharpening of any cleaver can be a problem -- expect to spend time with whetstones rather than honing steels.

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