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Henckels Twin Pro S Carving Knife & Fork Set

Friodur Ice Hardened Cutlery

Posted by JT Hats

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Henckels Twin Pro S Carving Knife &Built with one of J.A. Henckels' best manufacturing processes this Twin Pro-S two piece Carving Set won't disappoint. An eight-inch carving knife and matching seven-inch carving fork handle even large roasts and poultry with efficiency and grace. The construction is ergonomically correct, and the appearance matches the look of more traditional forged cutlery.

The major differences between this carving set and older forged styles isn't obvious. Henckels currently uses several different manufacturing methods to produce different types of cutlery and levels of workmanship. The procedures behind the Pro S line include drop forging techniques as well as modern stock removal shaping. Beginning with a blank of alloy high carbon stainless steel, spot heating brings a central portion of the knife blank to forging temperature. Compressing the hot spot provides enough mass to forge the bolster -- the thickest part of the knife. Tang and blade sections aren't heated and retain the special qualities of the original blank.

The result is a blade with the strength and weight of a forged knife but the metallurgical advantages of modern steel. Tempered and ice-hardened with the Friodur process, the knife and fork receive triple riveted handle slabs of durable polymer with the appearance of dark wood. The handle slabs match metal components precisely, leaving no gaps for contaminants.

The elegant fork's long faceted tines slip deeply into roasts instead of simply gripping the top. With this secure hold on the meat, the knife works more accurately, carving wide thin slices instead of short ragged pieces. The taper ground Pro-S steel also sharpens easily with a few strokes of a sharpening hone. The carving set has a lifetime warranty, but hand washing is recommended for the best care of finish and edge.

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