Ice Cream Knife | Best Stainless Steel Scoop from Van Vacter

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Ice Cream Knife No more waiting for ice cream to thaw before you’re able to scoop it. With the Van Vacter Ice Cream Knife, you won’t have to wait at all. It’s an ice cream knife, not an ice cream scoop. That alone should tell you something. Maybe they should call it an ice cream chainsaw. That’d make you sit up and pay attention.

You might be thrown off a little bit at first by its dual-edged design, but once you get a feel for it, it’ll come in really handy. The different edges allow you to cut, mix, decorate, scoop, and really do just about anything.

The shorter plain edge is very sharp. It’s best used for fine detailing, like sculpting out decorative patterns on an ice cream cake. But on the other side, you’ll see Van Vacter’s patent-pending “Topping Trough” edge. This saw-like blade cuts through rock-hard ice cream with little effort, and the “trough” comes into play after the ice cream is scooped. The small ridges in the ice cream that are left behind are the perfect size to hold toppings, unlike a rounded scoop where the toppings just fall off.

The Ice Cream Knife’s craftsmanship is quality grade, and sturdy too. It won’t bend out of proportion or break due to hard use. It also features Van Vacter’s Omni-Traction ergonomic handle for a solid grip each time you use it.

Van Vacter advertises this kitchen tool as “the world’s best ice cream knife.” From what we’ve seen, it’s the best so far… and affordable too.

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