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J.K. Adams Maple Carving Barbeque Board

BBQ-1612 | Hardwood Serving Tray

Posted by JT Hats

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J.K. Adams Maple Carving Barbeque Board The J.K. Adams BBQ-1612 Maple Barbeque Board isn't a cutting board, even though it's made from the same solid rock maple hardwood that constitutes some of J.K. Adams finest. This board was built for barbecue carving and serving and has gone through several important design changes since its conception.

Now only an inch thick, the board weighs less than before its update in 2003. Undercut fingerholds milled into the bottom of the board match up to the curved parts of the juice moat, eliminating any awkward searching for a grip while balancing a heavy cut of meat. The moat itself is wide and deep, able to contain sauce drippings and meat juices without spills. Carve poultry, divide barbequed ribs, and slice roasts without concern for the tough surface of this heavy duty serving board. The rock maple barbeque board holds up to both carving fork and carving knife and fits indoor dining service as well as outdoor dinners.

The sealed wood board should be regularly oiled to maintain its water resistance and protect it from warping or cracking. Don't test it in the dishwasher -- the food grade adhesive used in its construction is designed for hand washing with a mild detergent. A short immersion in warm dishwater won't do it any harm, but don't leave it submerged longer than a few minutes.

Store the board on edge to allow air circulation on all sides. Putting the board away wet encourages mildew that could permanently stain the wood surface.

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