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Kai USA Shun Classic Boning Filet Knife

Japanese VG-10 Damascus 6 Inch

Posted by JT Hats

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Kai USA Shun Classic Boning Filet Knife A part of the Shun Classic series, this boning knife is forged in Shun's famous Damascus stainless steel, but with a profile slim enough to give this blade the slight flexibility you need for boning and filleting meat, poultry, and seafood.

The build is the same one used for Shun's exceptional slicing knives, a method based on the secrets of the finest of the old samurai swords. Some improvements have been made over that old method, with a superior central core layer of hard VG-10 steel and a surrounding blade body created from 32 more layers of tougher stainless chosen for resilience and strength. Alone, the VG-10 would be too hard to make a durable blade; but supported by the Damascus layering system, this fine edge becomes the heart of a strong and practical knife.

The slightly rippled surface of the blade body lowers friction and breaks up contact with slices of food, letting the product fall away from the knife without distortion and allowing a more precisely controlled cut. The edge is still vulnerable to chipping and should not be used to cut through bones or frozen food.

Ordinary sharpening steels may damage the edge -- if you step up to Shun, you'll also need to acquire flat sharpening stones for routine maintenance. Washing and drying by hand is recommended as well. The PakkaWood handle is gap-free and dishwasher safe, built of layers of resin-injected birchwood, but all parts of this knife will fare better with a quick wash and dry.

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