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Kyocera Ceramic 3 Piece Knife Set

Starter Prep Knives, Peeler Included Free

Posted by JT Hats

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Kyocera Ceramic 3 Piece Knife Set If you've decided to step up to ceramic blades, consider this three-piece set with bonus peeler from Kyocera. Three sharp kitchen prep knives and a ceramic bladed vegetable peeler could bring modern ceramic slicing to your kitchen.

These are knives you'll want to love, but adapting to them is more than just a little tricky. While ceramic blades do have real advantages over steel, the improvement isn't universal. The three-inch paring knife, five-inch utility knife, and massive 16-inch chef's knife wield blades of hard but fragile ceramic, with a sharper and longer lasting cutting edge than the best high carbon stainless steel. These blades never rust and, if used properly, will keep their razor sharpness for years.

If slicing and peeling make up most of your prep work, you could use these knives constantly -- but only if you play by the rules. Unfortunately, there are lots of those rules, and to get work done, you'll need a matching set of knives made of ordinary steel to back these up. Side pressure or dropping could snap the ceramic blades, and working with anything but wood or plastic cutting boards could do far more than micro-chip the edge. If you're used to swiveling the blade's cutting edge on the board while you slice or chop, you'll have to give that up. A straight slicing cut is what these knives do. Don't even run the edge over small bones. Ruin that edge and you'll have to ship these knives back to the factory for reworking.

Something about these knives may convince you that ceramics are the wave of the future, but the future is still slightly out of reach. This Kyocera knife set is fun, and it makes you wish the company would solve the problems. You'll like the knives, and then you'll use something else.

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