Kyocera Ceramic Kitchen Shears | 3 Inch Utility Scissors

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Kyocera Ceramic Kitchen Shears Kyocera and ceramic. They go together like peanut butter and jelly. Like milk and warm chocolate chip cookies. Like cinnamon and sugar.

Okay, whatever. Let’s talk about these shears.

These blades are made from ceramic and they’re made by Kyocera. Ceramic will never rust or corrode, is lightweight and keeps its edge just about forever.

These scissors come sharp right out of the box and will likely never need to be resharpened. If they do, though, you’ll probably want to let a pro do it — ceramic can be a bit tricky to resharpen.

These aren’t just limited to kitchen use, however. In fact, they’re extremely safe to use on electrical wires and cords, due to its non-conductive construction. They’re also dependable with acid, juice, oil, and salt. And they won’t contaminate magnetic media items either.

One downside to ceramic — it can chip or break if dropped. So you’ll want to be careful with these shears.

They’re expensive as far as scissors go. But you likely won’t ever have to buy another pair again. It’s worth the investment if you use heavy-duty scissors every day.

Find these Kyocera Ceramic Scissors:

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