Lenox Opal Innocence Wedding Cake Knife | Silver Tone | Platinum-Banded Bone China

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Lenox Opal Innocence Wedding Cake KnifeFamous moments in cake history:
2500 BC (est.) – Egyptians bake the first “cake”.
1789– Marie Antoinette mutters “let them eat cake”
2008– OnlyKnives reviews the Opal Innocence Cake Knife

This cake knife may be a good cake knife to add into your wedding budget, especially if you’re a fan of matching sets.

This Lenox cake knife is part of the Wedding Promises collection, measuring 13.5 inches long, and perfectly matching its counterpart dinnerware collection: Opal Innocence.

Its white bone china handle is elegantly trimmed with an opal-esque glow, hand-enameled pearl designs, a tarnish-resistant platinum band, and a unique metal finial on the bolster.

The blade is nothing short of elegant either. It’s made from durably strong stainless steel, embossed with the Lenox logo near the handle. And if you look closely, you’ll see that the flat edge comes to a small rise near the tip, allowing for an easier cutting process.

Lenox assures this knife is dishwasher safe, and also backs it with a lifetime replacement policy.

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