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Mundial Fillet Antibacterial Kitchen Knife

8 Inch w/ Black Polypropylene 5613-8

Posted by JT Hats

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Mundial Fillet Antibacterial KitchenThe narrow high carbon stainless steel blade of this 8-inch Fillet Knife from Mundial's Professional 5600 series was designed for separating the flesh of fish and poultry from the bone. Skill counts when you're trying to get the day's catch to the table, but a good fillet knife is just as important as good hands.

The Mundial 8-inch Fillet Knife was designed for production work in restaurant kitchens, but those professional features transfer easily to the home kitchen -- or the fish cleaning station at the lake. Many outdoorsmen would prefer a knife that could take a beating or even get lost without causing too many tears to be shed. The low cost of this knife takes away some of those concerns you'd have about taking your good cutlery to rough places. This economical filet knife works well in any situation.

Cold rolled steel provides the stock for Mundial knives with blades and full tangs stamped from the steel blank rather than being forged. That economical approach evens out the strength of the blade and prevents weak spots which may form when hot forging shifts the balance of elements in the steel. The knife's temper allows the blade to flex as it follows along the bone, shaping itself to the cut. The fillet knife holds an edge well but will require regular honing. The softer knife edge goes along with the greater flexibility. Mundial knives reset easily with a few strokes on a honing steel, so take one along if you bring the knife fishing.

Built-in sanitizers in the polypropylene handle prevent the growth of odor-emitting bacteria, mildew, and yeasts, but a thorough hand cleaning and sanitary storage should still be standard practice. A tackle box is no place for a good fillet knife.

For a look at an entirely different approach to this work, see the Classic Fish Fillet Knife from Wusthof -- a forged fillet knife with real style.

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